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Key fob time lock

Key fob time lock

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No matter how long you ask and beg, this ingenious lock will only open after the set time, ensuring that you will have to endure that long! While most locks are subject to human whim, this electronic lock lets you control anything, wherever it's appropriate - bondage, ball gag, or your favorite toy. Revel in a total loss of power, whether you're being punished by your owner or engaging yourself in escape-proof self-bondage. One of our favorite ideas is to hide and lock a chastity device key in a box or closet. You have to keep staring at the time remaining, building anticipation and excitement with every second. The lock is USB rechargeable with a maximum setting of 99 hours. That's over four days of being trapped or tied up with no hope of escape other than biding your time until the countdown ends. When the timer runs out, a tone will sound, signaling your release. The interface is easy to use and instructions are included. Make sure the lock is fully charged and structurally sound before locking it securely - because once it's locked on, there's no escaping it!

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