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Seven Creations

Gopalda's masturbator Robotic Mouth

Gopalda's masturbator Robotic Mouth

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This mouth replica (12 cm deep) brightens up the lonely hours at home. The inside is nubbed and the continuously adjustable control unit allows the implemented massage balls to be set in rotation for extended stimulation.

Material: jelly
Colour: blue-transparent
Diameter: 2cm
Length: 12cm
Batteries: 4 x mignon (not included)

Let yourself be pampered with all the rules of the art by the suction-sucking mouth and the wonderfully nubbed pleasure cave made of blue jelly material. Power vibration infinitely adjustable. The two pearl wreaths move up and down. Approx. 21 cm total length. All in a clear/blue plastic jar with a removable lid.

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